Saba Rizwan, the girl bashed on air by Sahir Lodhi, is soon going to host her very own TV show on one of the leading channels of Pakistan, latest reports have confirmed. The show is all set to be aired soon after the month of Ramazan, the context of the show based on women empowerment and debating on issues related to women and their rights.

Saba was a participant in the speech competition hosted by Sahir Lodhi on his special Ramazan Transmission. She gained popularity soon after her video got viral in which she can be seen repeatedly bashed by Lodhi on something she didn’t quite mean to say. Ever since the incident on TV, everyone came forward to Saba’s support with all social media platforms full of negative criticism and hate for his pointless remarks against her.

Audiences are waiting to see whether the show will prove to live up to the hype. Only time will tell. At least we know that Saba is the one to listen to her audience and guests, and not interrupt them!

For now, we can only wish Saba the best of luck for her upcoming venture!