While hosting a Ramazan transmission on a private channel, TV host and actor Sahir Lodhi got super angry at a quiz participant for her remarks about Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

While answering a question, the participant delivered a speech in which she ‘blamed’ Jinnah for the current and prevailing problems in the country. She talked about how women in Pakistan are not treated the same way as men as well as women who were murdered in the name of honor, who were shot, who were forced to marry men twice their age, and then proclaimed, “Quaid -e- Azam come and see what has happened to your country.

Though most of the present audience took the remarks lightly, Sahir Lodhi got extremely angry and quickly asked the audience to stop clapping and laughing. He began with a lecture to everyone about the the services Jinnah gave for the freedom and well-being of the nation, starting off with, “Who gave you the permission to question the services of Jinnah?

Here is the video: