LAHORE – Sana Safinaz is under fire once again within a matter of months due to a customer alleging that the clothing brand is carrying out a dirty scheme. A social media user has raised her voice against the unfair pricing of the dresses that will be on sale by tonight (Thursday).

Here is the full explanation by the girl regarding what Sana Safinaz is up to.

The woman attached screenshots of the brand selling the same dress at different prices. She has circled the different name given to the same dress. Sana Safinaz did put up the same design yet increased a few 100 bucks. That would be considered cheating their customer for a few extra rupees if the allegation is true.

While they are already earning so much with sales, they don’t need extra plotting in order to gain customers. Yet people are feeling deceived.

Earlier, Sana Safinaz used native Africans and their culture as props. The campaign was much hated amongst the masses, yet there is another controversy they have stirred up.

Sana Safinaz has not yet responded on the matter. However, they are free to clear out any misunderstanding that may have occurred. What do you think? Leave your comments below.