We certainly don’t underestimate the role good accessorizing plays in any outfit. According to style experts, accessories are considered the icing on the cake, things that pretty much polish your final look!

When it comes to accessorizing themselves, women are usually willing to be very daring. They tend to think about accessories very differently, and try ways to incorporate them into their wardrobe as well as personal style.

Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed, who is known for her extremely good looks and versatile acting, manages to set an example for us to do exactly the same.

Just recently, her earring collection is giving us much to talk about, and we feel that it is our duty to bring to you her 5 best earring looks the way the gorgeous diva chooses to flaunt them!


Sanam adorned herself with these flowery studs during Doobara Phir Se promotions. She seemed like a breath of fresh air, from something like a flower field.


Elegance at its best. Sanam outlined her gorgeous face with these simple yet graceful tiny pearly whites and matched them up perfectly with a white Tee.


We can never forget the time she carried these ‘on-point’ (like, literally!) golden earrings so spectacularly that it felt like they were made just for her.


When she graced her navy blue outfit with these long floral studs clipped to her earlobes. She looked like the absolute star of the evening.


Last but not least, she experimented with her bold and black round beauties paired with a smart white outfit, showing us exactly how to switch to exploring new style aesthetics so effortlessly.