BENGALURU – In a shocking incident, a crazed fan of Sandalwood star Yash set himself on fire, as he was unable to wish the actor on his birthday. The man suffering from massive injuries at Bengaluru’s Victoria Hospital at 1:30 am on Wednesday (yesterday).

The man was identified as 26-year-old Ravi Raghuram, who hailed from Dasarahalli. He was outside Yash’s home at Hoskerehalli but was disappointed to find that the actor was not in town. An upset Ravi then doused himself with petrol and set himself ablaze.

Security personnel outside the home tried to put off the fire and rushed Ravi to Victoria hospital. Doctors at the hospital said that Ravi had sustained 80% burns.

Yash’s fan Ravi

On learning of the incident, Yash visited Ravi at the hospital on Tuesday evening and prayed for his speedy recovery. A grief-stricken Ramanna, Ravi’s father, said that he wasn’t sure why his son took such a drastic step. “Ravi goes every year to meet Yash. Last year he had taken us to his house as well. This year, we had told him not to go, but he persisted. Do not know where Ravi got the petrol from,” he said.

After meeting Ravi, Yash spoke to media persons saying, “I do not want fans like this, this is not fandom or love, this does not bring me happiness. I will not come to see anybody else like this again, it will give the wrong message to fans who think that I will come and meet them (if they take drastic steps like this).”

Yash had earlier send out a message to his fans, informing them that he wouldn’t be celebrating his birthday this year as he was mourning the death of Rebel Star Ambareesh.

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