MUMBAI (Web Desk) – After spending as many as 5 years at Yerawada Central Prison Pune, Sanjay Dutt will walk a free man on Thursday.

Sanjay Dutt was imprisoned at Yerawada Central Prison, after having been found guilty under the ‘Arms Act’ for illegal possession and destruction of an AK-56 rifle.

While in jail, he was termed as a ‘semi-skilled worker’ (with a daily earning of Rs. 50), through which he earned a total sum of Rs. 38,000 over the five-year prison term.

But, since the fact remains that most of the money was used for the day to day usage items, he will be taking home a much smaller amount when he is released. Which means, at the time of his release, Sanjay Dutt will be taking home Rs. 450 with him.

After returning to Mumbai, he is likely to visit his mother (the late) Nargis’ grave at the Bada Kabrastan in Marine Lines Mumbai.