LAHORE – They are the royal couple of cricket, and they rule the hearts of their fans. They also give everyone couple goals time and time again and make us remember that it is important to take time off for ourselves and our loved ones from time to time.

Recently, this favourite couple of ours took a vacation again, and have convinced us that we should as well.

Shaniera Akram posted several photographs of the couple’s vacation trip to see and enjoy the white clouds of snow in all its beauty.

Swtizerland is beautiful, even when all you can see is snow everywhere!

It’s important to have fun, so choose the right people along for your trips.

Hanging Out #Offtothecricket #friends #Fun #Switzerland #CricketOnIce

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Playing cricket anywhere, everywhere is a plus.

So is taking photographs of your beau.

But most importantly, make good memories with your loved ones.

Lake Luzern – it makes you fall in love all over again 😘

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