Trump may have called climate change a “hoax” but we all know it’s true. The two-time Academy Awards winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has taken it upon herself to spread awareness about the consequences of climate change and how to prevent it. Ms Chinoy has released an animated series explores climate change with a specific focus on possible approaches for practicing sustainability and promoting environmental protection by becoming responsible global citizens.

The series comprises of four parts and each part is between 2 to 3 minutes long. While each short-film has been conceptualized, produced and directed by SOC Films, the fourth part was inspired by environmental activist Azal Zahir, and touches upon the science behind climate change and offers sustainable solutions and actions on how to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere through simple adaptions in our lifestyles.

The animated series is a public awareness campaign, in Urdu, with an aim to educate individuals about Climate Change and Global Warming and the steps they can take to make a positive collective change. Indeed, with recent scientific findings speculating the rise of annual global temperatures heading towards 3°C, it is clear that the issues surrounding climate change and rapid global warming will soon become irreversible. It is important now, for every citizen and country to take ownership and responsibility for what products they use and the rate at which they consume them.