Former Pakistani cricketer and fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also known as “Rawalpindi Express” is all set to host a Ramazan Transmission show along with Waseem Akram on Geo.

Recently, we just came across one of his viral videos which certainly caught our undivided attention.

Look at the Worlds fastest bowler!Why is he wearing that much of lipstick and make-up? What have you done to our legend Geo Tv?

Posted by Karachi Walay on Friday, June 16, 2017

Here, we can see a mix of Michael Jackson with a tinge of Sahir Lodhi. Don’t you? What in the whole wide world even happened to our legendary player!

In this video we can see his response to someone asking him the reason behind how he manages to stay so energetic. While he quotes his statements we can’t help but pay extreme attention to the fact that he’s living a makeup nightmare in this one video!

Seeing him like this has definitely left us thinking!