KARACHI – Famous singer Ali Haider shot off the moral policing of TV personality Waqar Zaka following the death of legendary musician Aamir Zaki.

Waqar, in his live Facebook video, had criticised the artiste community for being insensitive and indifferent to Zaki’s death who he claimed was lying dead all alone with no one to take care of his body.

Waqar went to the Edhi morgue located in the Sohrab Goth area of Karachi where his body was kept. “Artists should come and see how Aamir is kept here. This day can also come in our lives,” an angry Waqar said in his live video on Facebook from the morgue.

Zaka alleged that singers Ali Haider, Hadiqa Kiani and Ahmed Jahanzaib – who he said worked with Zaki for various songs – were not there on his death.

Responding to Zaka’s live video, Ali made a video statement and said everyone knew what Zaki was going through towards the end of his life.

“Everyone knows that I have been living in the United Staes for over two years now and Hadiqa lives in Lahore. But you [Waqar] were in Karachi. Why couldn’t you do anything for Zaki when we all knew the tough time he was going through?” asked a visibly perturbed Ali.

Ali asked  Waqar to abstain from exploiting the demise of the legendary guitarist.

“If I would want to do something good, I will do it without telling anyone,” he said.

“Everyone knows your reputation. So, stop accusing and blackmailing us and have some brains,” Ali said, adding that he always remembered the reality show anchor in good words and prayed for him.

Zaka’s claims that the deceased’s family was not concerned about his body are also unfounded as his family and close friends were all present in the hospital. 
Preserving the dead bodies in the Edhi morgue is not a new practice, the dead bodies are regularly kept in the centre where they are taken care of.  Zaki’s funeral’s expenses were also met with.