LAHORE – Jeremy McLellan is an American based comedian known for his sarcastic tweets and posts.  Mclellan visited Pakistan a few years back and occupied a special place in the heart of the nation through his videos and comedy based statues.

After going viral on social media, McLellan quit his job to pursue comedy full-time. He won the Charleston Stand-up Comedy Competition and Charleston City Paper’s ″Best Local Comedian″ twice in 2015 and 2016.

Comedian Jeremy Mclellan introduces new-born in a hilarious way

Mclellan’s latest tweet is surely not to be missed and it is again reflecting Jeremy’s uttermost love for Pakistanis in a hilarious way.

Here is the post:

Jeremy’s post got multiple funny replies and you will definitely enjoy going through them. Here are some of the funniest responses:

Here comes the Indian spy:

Still waiting for the attack:

Another Bollywood action-filled movie:

Army recruitment in the process:

Oops, what the Pakistani audience will do now:

Beef lovers are all set to visit Pakistan:

Pakistani ultra trained spy Pigeon:

We must say Jeremy has a great sense of humor. As he always cracks us with his funny posts.

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