“OLOMOPOLO Media presents Mushk – Fragrance, a play which plays with the idea that individuals are inherently unknowable.”

OLOMOPOLO usually experiments with plays that connect with their audience on an emotional and psychic level. Launched in 2013, they have presented plays like, ‘Teesri Dhun – The Third Tune’, ‘Likhey jo Khatt Tujhey – An Ode to Love’, ‘Lorelei – A Meditation on Loss’, ‘Absolut Manto – celebrating Saadat Hasan Manto’s life’, etc.

“All of these have been homage to the glorious days of the theatre, and an attempt for its revival”, said Kanwal Khoosat in a press conference for the play held yesterday at AlHamra Arts Council.



This year, Mushk – Fragrance is yet another chilling experience promised to the audience. Written by Raabia Qadir and Seemal Numan, and directed by Kanwal Khoosat, it features the veteran artists Sania Saaed and Nimra Bucha ready to woo the audience. With hypnotic melodies composed by Zainab Jawwad, and enthralling backdrops by the talented team, the play is sure to be a folklore in itself.


Sophiya, a well known novelist (Nimra Bucha) has a new book comping up very soon. Zoay (Sania Saeed) travels thousands of miles to the reclusive, beautiful scenery that Sophiya has made her home to meet her and interview her about her latest work. But soon, as the play unfolds, Sophiya realizes that Zoay has knows a lot more about her than she leads on. Confronting each other’s lies and elusions, their seemingly disturbing interactions reveal a much intricate pattern of mechanisms as the play will move along with a dance of defining melody. As the story develops, the characters will face a complex arrangement of defining love, loss, and the simplicity of mysteries in a transcending narrative.


Sania Saeed, in her own words said, “The beauty of this play is that it has an open ending. It relies on perception of one own self rather the perceived idea of the writer.”

Further, Sania Saeed said that this production has been an emotional journey and would be remembered by the audience for a long time.


Mushk – Fragrance will be opening in Lahore, and will also be performed in Islamabad and Karachi. The dates for the performances are:

Lahore | 6th – 8th October, 2017, at Alhamra Arts Council, Mall Road

Islamabad | 21st – 22nd October, 2017, at Pakistan National Council of Arts

Karachi | 3rd – 5th November, 2017 at Karachi Arts Council



The magic that Sania Saaed and Nimra Bucha do on stage is a known fact to the keen eye. Lure yourself into recluse with the fragrance of Mushk this weekend.

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