LAHORE – Pakistani TV star Armeena Rana Khan had stated that certain Pakistani celebrities were afraid to speak out against India as they were afraid their future prospects would get hurt.

Armeena Khan had shared her thoughts while having a public appearance at ‘Geo Pakistan’ where she said that certain Pakistani celebrities were afraid to speak out against Indian atrocities in Kashmir and expose Priyanka Chopra’s hypocrisy.

“Unfortunately UNICEF has not replied to my letter in which I asked the organization to remove Priyanka,” she said. “I think a little part of the problem is that we are not united in this as a fraternity.”

Armeena said that the pressure exerted on UNICEF would have been much greater had the entire artists’ community stood with her and raised this issue.

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“Some celebrities like Mehwish Hayat, Shaan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and others supported me,” she said. “However, most Pakistani celebrities are afraid to speak out as they don’t want to hurt their future prospects or chances of working in India and want to be seen as ‘neutral’.”

Khan had urged several Pakistani celebrities to rise beyond personal interest to raise their voices against injustices.

Replying to a query, Armeena said that if UNICEF did not respond to her letter she would against undertake a second movement to ensure Priyanka is removed as the organization’s goodwill ambassador.

“I will personally hand-deliver a note to them,” she said. “So then they will have to respond to me.”
Armeena said that she had been issued rape threats and some Twitter users had warned her that they would stab her.

“I’m not going to let up,” she said. “I will be InshAllah addressing small rallies and communities here. We have to keep up the pressure. This cannot and will not go on for long,” she added.

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