We have been watching and reviewing a lot of ads this Ramzan, but we finally have a clear winner with Wall’s “Sorry Abbu” ad.

From the moment the ad starts, we get sucked into another world with the beautiful music. We see a man reading a letter from his son. As the story unfolds, we find out that the man lives far away from his home and family because he is a doctor working for a medical aid association. In the letter, his son tells him about his loneliness and complains that while all other children are enjoying Ramazan and Eid with their fathers, he is unable to do so.

At this heart-breaking moment in the ad, the father faces a weighty moral dilemma. One the one hand are his responsibilities to his son, on the other hand he feels the moral and professional obligation to provide medical care to those who need him the most.

It is obvious how well the marketing people at Wall’s understand Pakistani culture and family values. However, the next part of the ad shows how well the people at Wall’s understand the spirit of Ramazan as well.

Pakistani family values and religious values are intrinsically linked, and doing good to others is part of both. We see how mature the son is when we watch him understand the true nature of the moral dilemma his father faces. Not only does the young son realize this, he also makes a choice to celebrate his father’s sacrifice.

By showing this, Wall’s gives a clear message. It is important to work for others, there are many sacrifices people among us are making everyday, just because they want to work for things greater than their own selves. Wall’s gives us a message that these people and these acts of self-sacrifice must be appreciated, and it is a truly unique and heartwarming moment when one generation truly understand the sacrifices of another without thinking selfishly.

Wall’s has given a clear message and told a wonderful story with this simple ad. It tells us what we as a nation need to understand each other, that sometimes we have to put others before ourselves, and that those who do, are heroes who deserve to be appreciated.