LAHORE – How many times did Joe (Penn Badgley) from ‘You’ make you catch your breath, either in horror/disbelief or either as the ‘perfect’ boyfriend? Of course, perfect boyfriend if you overlook the creepy/stalker/protective behaviour. The character makes you wonder what would it be like between him and the main female lead, Beck, if he had been a normal-minded guy. Maybe they would have gone far as a couple, minus the fact that Beck ended up being a cheater.

A part of us keeps wishing Beck is alive in Season 2 of the Netflix original but what are the odds?

Penn took it upon himself to un-romanticize the murderous character ‘Joe’!

Here are his responses to fans who just cannot get over the addictive show’s Season 1.

Girls totally want to get kidnapped. Urmm.. okay

Penn is seen clarifying that Joe is no role model


Weird but spot on!

Just cannot wait for Season 2. <3