Established in 2001, ‘Structure-Health & Fitness’ was amongst the first training centers that came to major cities in Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi & Lahore.

Their main goal is ‘personalized training’, as I, being someone who’s been around in a few gyms and ‘situations’, have realized that you cannot take your body seriously, unless you’re being moderated & watched by a particular person, who is also pushing you to your limits.

Lift it, Lift it!

The second most amazing thing I see is the amount of motivation I can not only feel through the trainers, but the frames on the walls telling me that I can do it, how to push myself further, and every step of the way there’s at least one or two quotations that keep me going, even at times when I feel like not doing the extra 5 reps.

Structure does not follow traditional gym practices, and they have quite a lot of different machinery as well, compared to the other gyms I have seen. I needed to work on my arms and my stomach, and I found the right kind of machinery for that flab!

I feel so energized after my work-out, knowing that I’m working on the RIGHT PARTS of my body, not forgetting the other bits & pieces, of course.

What I love most about my trainer, Moin Khan, is that he knows what your weaknesses and strengths are, and that’s rare!

Hardly anyone gives you their complete focus, but this man pushes you to your extremes.

MOIN KHAN (far right) with Ejaz Waris & Ali (trainer)

The best part of coming to the gym early morning (or whatever time is suitable to you), is that they have these amazing Television screens attached to the treadmills, elliptical machines, DAMN they’re everywhere! If you don’t dig your headphones & are not a fan of too much music, you can easily watch animals kill each other on Discovery Channel (I’m weirdly into that), or you can watch Cartoons, Cooking Shows, well, it’s the cable. In short, watch anything of your choice while performing your required workout (which your trainer thinks is best for you; I’ve started with 20 minutes at the treadmill and 20 on the elliptical).

Relaxing, letting go of my stress & worries and sometimes, taking it all out through my training is the best therapy I could give to my Lahori food-induced body. That’s right; our diet regimen is such that there’s less nutrients & proteins in our food, and more carbohydrates & FAT!

FAT IS EVERYWHERE: in the ‘Saalan’ we eat, in the Rotis we so selfishly devour, in the powder milk we pour into our 6 ‘chai cups’ a day, & you can catch my drift easily from here onwards.

Happy to hear about the Johar Town Branch, since that one’s closer to my house.

Moving on: DO NOT MISS THE FITNESS ASSESSMENT test that Structure has to offer-so basically they don’t only provide you with one-on-one trainers, but you have to get a complete BMI (Body Mass Index) & Fitness Assessment done, so that they can see what is to be worked on. WOW! I mean, could anything be better?! NOTHING in this world makes me feel better than knowing that my trainer is going to keep me on a healthy diet, & an active lifestyle (Not to mention the abs & toned body that I look forward to)!

The part that it is a public-friendly gym is not unknown to everyone: Structure has been amongst the very few top-notch gyms in the country, and easily so, because of their commitment to loyalty to the consumer/client, their energy, the VIBE you get from all the friendly people & faces around, and ofcourse, Uzair Atiq!

The Marketing Head of all three branches in Lahore, Uzair is a master when it comes to breaking people down & making them realize that fitness is the only thing that will make them feel happy with themselves (Sadly, he’s right)! I have found this person to be absolutely helpful, as well as 100% committed to ensuring the best possible services to his clients, & making sure that feedback is reported to the higher ups. Great job!

Uzair Atiq, Marketing Executive Structure-Health & Fitness

In their Gulberg Branch, the swimming pool is an added facility, & even if you don’t dip into the refreshing water in this scorching summer heat, the very look of the water while you exercise makes you feel SOOOOO good! I can just imagine it, & I feel happier.

The fact that I have already started eating healthy, drinking healthy & not snacking after 9 pm (I used to do that EVERY night after I got married-marriage has that ‘let go’ effect on you) is the best part of training with Structure Trainers-they take you seriously, & you’re more motivated.

At other places, I was always second priority to celebrities, musicians, every other person who was important & famous. At Structure-there is no such discrimination (I really want to put an end to it someday though, as it’s an integral part of our society now-more famous=more time given).

Trainers at Structure

Asking the Marketing Head (Uzair Atiq) about what the aim of Structure is, he stated, “We want to create a sports area that contributes to the well-being of all users-regardless of their age & abilities. We want our clients to have fun, as well as adopt the healthy lifestyle they should. Our attention to detail is what makes us stand out.”

Trainer Moin Khan was asked about the role of trainers in a client’s healthy lifestyle & success at gaining it, and he commented, “Our clients feel a strong advantage because we are responsive to their needs & know what exactly is needed for them to tone up & feel healthier at the same time. A great trainer makes his trainee feel accomplished, even if it’s just 5 reps in a single set. It’s not about being the BEST in the gym, it’s about starting out. That’s what we’re here to do-making people start out so that we can monitor them & make them accomplish what they set out to in the first place.”

Their latest project!

I-for one-am absolutely in LOVE with this place! Not kidding; Structure is the place to gain/lose weight; the trainers are so goal-oriented & the gym itself is a safe haven. Whenever I enter, I feel great. Perhaps it’s the building, perhaps it’s the ambiance or the great sense of music they have.

No matter what it is, I am absolutely spell-bound by their attention to detail. This is the perfect place for you if you are interested in re-shaping your body-and your life.