Yes, you heard it right. Susanne Khan, ex-wife of Hrithik Roshan stands by him for being a “good soul”, amidst allegations pinned down recently by Kangana Ranaut about the trauma he caused her.

Kangana’s accusations against Hrithik surfaced in a TV show Aap Ki Adalat, when the actor claimed that Hrithik caused her mental trauma during the course of their alleged relationship.

The controversial affair that was reported last year made headlines when Kangana dubbed Hrithik her ‘silly ex.’

However, Susanne, who was married to Hrithik for 14 years, has come out in the open in support of the actor, saying no allegation or conspiracy can overshadow the truth.

The 38-year-old took to Twitter to show her support for the Bang Bang star with a recent post showing an image of the former couple, that reads: “There is no allegation or a sad evil plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. Ma familia, power of the truth, pure heart.

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