LAHORE (Staff Report) – After the story of fashion designer Tabassum Mughal’s alleged highhandedness goes viral on social media, there comes a twist in the tale when someone creates a Facebook post to “expose the real story.”

The case has become nothing short of an Agatha Christie novel, where one after the other characters emerge who are nowhere related to the case.

Hira Haroon, being a good samaritan tried to help the family of the alleged victim Shagufta Noor by getting the FIR lodged against the designer.

According to the post, Haroon’s father, an ex-military man, accompanied Noor and her family to the police station where he pressured the police to file the report.

However, when the police went to Mughal’s house to arrest her, she gave a completely different version of the incident. Police called in the aggrieved family at the police station where Mughal was already present.

Mughal informed police an argument broke over “wrong shade of Nikkah ceremony’s dress” of the bride. Accepting her fault, she said the green shade was darker than what the customer had ordered.

Things became worse when Noor and her daughter refused to take the refund and hit one of the sales girls at the boutique. The shop’s manager and Noor’s son intervened, which resulted in a brawl.

Harron has alleged in her post that the Noor’s daughter wedding was called off, “It was also found out that the daughters Nikkah was cancelled … and she didn’t want to pay for the extra dress.”

Later, the manager was arrested and “Noor demanded Rs 5.5 lacs in compensation, which was given to her on the spot and the case was solved.” Everything was written in an agreement, signed by bothe the parties.


However, Noor’s daughter claimed that her mother signed the agreement letter under Major’s (Haroon’s father) pressure, who threatened to get her arrested under terrorism case.

Hira Haroon’s original post can be viewed here.