Or so we thought, because we’re all kinds of crazy too.

Swift is seen in a few different attires throughout the song, ‘blaming’ that ‘special someone that was’, who’s making her do those ‘bad things’ in the song. 

Hmmmm, whom did Taylor recently break up with? *Chuckles*

Pun intended, Hiddleston.


The song includes images of Betrayal, Power & Anger, & we are in LOVE and hooked!

Swift adds ‘You can’t possibly be that all the time. Don’t call me back. Stop acting like you’re nice. You are so fake,’ in the final moments of the video, which made headlines and went viral. 

Taylor further added in the song that ‘I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative’.

HMMMM, wonder what she’s hinting at?!

There were also rumours that she is caught making fun of Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian, when she is shown in a bathtub full of diamonds, hinting to the robbery Kardashian faced a few months ago.