‘The Drum Clinic’ in Lahore is going to be with us during the viewing of the ‘Supermoon’, and here’s how you can come and be a part of it!

The closest supermoon in nearly 70 years is scheduled to make an appearance tonight, according to sources.

The Drum Clinic will perform live with the audience at X2, M.M.Alam tonight, so people who are interested in a most spectacular view and the sound of live, beating drums, come and be a part of it!

The supermoon which has been named ‘Perigee-syzygy’, will be making an appearance tonight, on November 14, and it will be a ‘showstopper’, according to NASA.

“The difference in distance from one night to the next will be very subtle, so if it’s cloudy on Sunday, go out on Monday,” said Noah Petro, the deputy project scientist for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission.

The moon’s 28-day orbit means the distance from Earth will vary, depending on the stargazer’s location, according to sources.

The three supermoons will have appeared on Oct. 16, Nov. 14 and Dec. 14. The middle one is usually the brightest and the closest, sources further added.

Who’s watching out for the supermoon then?! Let us know how you found it to be.