After a horrifying video was posted a few days earlier, people felt disgusted at the lack of hygiene in one of the most popular cafes of Lahore.

Butler’s Chocolate Cafe, once a pride of so many chocolate dessert lovers, was threatened by the presence of a freely-roaming cockroach in a plate of food which had been freshly served to a customer.

Don’t believe us? View the video:

The waiter, who perhaps does not understand the repercussions of such an act, is a little fearful because of the men who are making the video. A woman asks not to be recorded on the cell phone, and the cockroach still roams around freely.

We ask the food and hygiene speculation authorities: why are these popular places being missed? Who is going to take charge of keeping hygiene intact at these popular places, where almost everyday, hundreds of people dine in, have luncheons and sit for casual cups of coffee and tea. Butler’s is one of the most crowded cafes in Lahore, and has been famous for their desserts and sandwiches.

Sorry, Butler’s, we really don’t want to come visit again unless something is done to ensure proper pest-control inside your kitchens. Sincerely, a food-lover.