Contributed By: Nimra Hamid

Remember the sorting Hat scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone?

When little Harry walked up the aisle and all eyes were on him, did you get goosebumps at that point of time?

All you married ladies might have lived up that moment in reality while you were walking down the wedding aisle. It might have seemed like a long walk, everyone is looking at you and the wedding venue is no lesser than the great hall!

As you sit on the stage , you realize you are going to enter a new phase of life and you are going to have a new home and you would have to score points (POSITIVE SCORES)  to be able to stand out in that new home.

At that point one realizes how life has always been about scoring points and getting good grades.

Back in school you’re expected to score a good grade because that’s the only way of getting an admission into a good university.

However, when you finally manage a degree and think that life is now free from the dilemmas of grades and scores , you enter into a new phase if life, a new chapter: “MARRIAGE.”

This, my friends, is a never-ending chapter and here you are expected to score an A+ and nothing less!!

From your husband to the servants of the house EVERYONE is observing you, you are marked every minute and second.

Every good deed scores a point for you and vice versa.

Time and again we are taught that it’s never about grades, that it’s never about the scores but trust me it’s all about a good score.

A good score will always help you!

Brides-to-be, are you freaking out already?

Well, well here is the good news, Harry was never really an “obedient” or super intelligent kid but he always scored points for Gryffindor!

Wondering why?

Because he had his own ways and so do we!

It’s not always easy to score the highest grade points all alone. Y

ou need support and constant help, someone who can guide you through the right path. Thanks to professor Dumbledore in Harry’s case.

So all you have to do is find your professor Dumbledore, and remember look for him/her within Gryffindor.

So Ladies, put your GAME FACE ON and get ready to ace this never ending exam!