LAHORE- The Meesha Shafi – Ali Zafar controversy has stirred up a storm within and beyond the entertainment industry and seems like it isn’t dying anytime soon.

On Saturday, musician Ali Zafar addressed the media outside a courtroom in Lahore, speaking about his present legal battle with fellow artist Meesha Shafi.

He claimed that Shafi accused him of sexual harassment for personal gains and if that is not the case than she should appear in court and her legal team should not delay the proceedings any further. This morning, he and his wife, Ayesha Fazli shared their side of the story and appealed to Meesha to either step forward or to ‘end this fiasco’. These multiple appearances have led to Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar becoming the talk of the country yet again.

In response to Ali Zafar, Meesha’s legal team has finally addressed the matter and gave out a public statement, on her behalf.

Nighat Dad, the main lawyer on the case, shared an official statement regarding the dismissal of harassment case.

“Ali Zafar, in an attempt to silence Meesha Shafi filed a defamation suit against her. However, the best defence to defamation is truth and as Meesha Shafi has never spoken a false word against Ali Zafar, she cannot be held guilty for any defamation by any court,” the statement read.

The statement reads that the authorities have dismissed the case of technical grounds; those being that Meesha and Ali were not in an employee-employer relationship. Furthermore, the statement touches upon how the defamation suit was filed in order to silence Meesha and her voice.

The Canadian immigration issue has also been addressed, saying that Meesha has held the Canadian citizenship card since 2016 and splits her time between Canada and Pakistan.

Zafar’s reference to Malala Yousafzai was termed as ‘shameful’ and ‘condemnable’. The legal team even suggested a public apology as an option now that Ali Zafar is facing some serious consequences for his actions.

According to the statement, Meesha Shafi will appear in front of the court when summoned. She is determined to win this case and there is nothing stopping her from backing down.

Later on Sunday, Zafar gave an interview to GEO TV and broke down in tears, saying that the social media campaign against him is sabotaging his career.

In April 2018, Shafi claimed she was sexually harassed by Zafar on multiple occasions. Ali denied the allegations and filed a defamation suit against Shafi.

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