Are we free to judge Mahira Khan?

“Mahira and Ranbir Kapoor are caught smoking.”

“Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan are snapped together outside her hotel.”

“Mahira and Ranbir are caught together in New York City.”

Mahira Khan, Ranbir Kapoor spotted SMOKING together outside New York hotel (see pics)

The recent news, which is breaking the internet, is a picture of Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan casually chilling outside a hotel in The New York City. Mahira has been congratulated for her work in her first Indian movie Raees, in which she was starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Ranbir was last seen in Jagga Jasoos and is recently gearing up for a much awaited biopic. The viral picture is taking over social media for both of them smoking a cigarette outside the building and a few have highlighted a “hickey” on the actress’s back.

It just shows how much spare time we have on our hands that we are making a simple picture, the picture of the day. Two amazing actors standing outside any building in any country only makes me inquisitive about which new project they have come in contact to work for. As far as the hickey or “love bite” becoming the next headline, the celebrities bear no obligation to share whether they suffer from any illness or allergy. Just because someone is a public figure and a mark is seen on her back does not allow any person to point a finger at her character or question their relationship status and stability because an invasion of privacy is never justified.

Briefly, let’s not judge them by just looking at one picture. These celebrities are not our property who we can abuse and disown anytime for the sake of our entertainment. I wonder how all the women-oriented magazines and bloggers who never stop talking about “feminism” and “freedom” would endorse such posts? And dear fans who drool over these personalities all the time should respect their space as well. Actors work hard to entertain their fans and in return, do not deserve social media trolling. The celebrities are human beings too hence they are entitled to basic human rights.

Optimistically, we see these wonderful actors doing a movie together!


Saman Dogar

Saman Dogar is a member of the staff at Daily Pakistan.