Maria Unera Qureshi and Qurram Hussain are surely cooking up something great, as is evident from the pictures of their latest productions which have set our screens on fire!

After the grand success of Desan Da Raja (Suni Kuri) with Komal Rizvi and more than 18 mega hit music videos with JoSH, Qurram Hussain’s passion for the fusion, music production and romantic duets is not over yet.

The co-lead of Indo-Pakistan music duo, JoSH, returns to Season 2 of Cornetto Pop Rock with another romantic song “Aajana”. This time it’s a duet with young and dashing Maria Unera who got fame from Levi’s Live and Nescafé basement’s all girl band.

Tu meri neendon meintu meray khwabon mein”; from lyrics to the title of song and video concept to direction team, Qurram Hussain (Q) reveals much about his upcoming venture “Aajana” with Maria Unera on Thursday as the shoot for the music video has started in Lahore.

The music video is directed by young and talented Amaan Ahmed, who was also director of Q’s last duet Desan Da Raja (Suni Kuri) with Komal Rizvi. The music video had won the Google Award last year for being the fourth most watched video on YouTube in Pakistan.

Talking to media about the song, Qurram Hussain said this time, he had an open choice, so he singled Maria out for this duet because he spotted a big star in her. “I listened to Maria singing her own compositions at Levi’s Live, and I have great respect to those singers who compose and produce their own music as I have been doing this for JoSH for the last two decades,” he added.

Moreover, Qurram says it’s the moral and professional duty of every artist to spot and promote young talent. Q also feels that Maria has a strong voice that complements his voice very well.

Qurram and Maria are also featuring in the music video. The concept of music video is very different and unique, Qurram says, adding that “it about all true love; as it shows that we (Q and Maria) are strongly connected to each other without being together.” The video is being shot at some of very exotic and unexplored locations in Lahore and Karachi.

“Everybody, who listens to our song “Aajana” at the music video shoot, just fell in love with it,” said Maria Unera, adding that she felt pride in working with Qurram Hussain.

“I am a huge fan of JoSH band and brought up listening to their wonderful songs like ‘JoSH Nal Payo Bhangra’, ‘Payar Ho Gaya’Aye Mausam’ and other remixes with DJ Domeno, Priyanka Chopra, Pitbull, Nelly Furtado and Sukhbir Singh. When I told my friends that I am doing a duet with JoSH’s lead singer Qurram, they were like wow!” said Maria Unera while talking to reporters.

Talking about their onset chemistry, Maria says they both had a great time.  “I have a great passion for music equipment especially guitars and spent my most of time on set learning about the latest music gadgets from Qurram,” she said.

She says the best thing about Qurram is that he is very down-to-earth, and open to discussions about new ideas and music.

Talking about the music release, Qurram’s publicist says as soon as the video is done. The edit is complicated but digital work is done quite fast these days.

The song ‘Aajana’ is a collaboration between the very talented Maria Unera and Qurram Hussain of JoSH fame, which is the first time the two have worked on a project since Unera rose to fame with her stunning vocals performing at Levi’s Live last year.

Qurram has been active since last year working on a few Pakistani projects while also collaborating with international artists and making great music, representing Pakistan at an international level and making us proud!

Let’s see what these two have in store for us; till then, ENJOY the chemistry!