She’s been around in Pakistani movies like ‘Zinda Bhaag’ and ‘Dekh Magar Pyar Se’ as the sultry ‘item girl’, and contributed A LOT to the modelling industry. 

However, Aamna Ilyas seems to be on a roller-coaster ride with her skimpiness, and the latest photoshoot proves it.

With her bold attitude, she’s been known to walk on the ramp fearlessly, and promote ‘dark skin’ and be happy with what she has, which is great, & we respect her for that. 

Aamna Ilyas has appeared in short, skimpy dresses in ‘item songs’, and the latest to hit the industry is her song ‘Marhaba’ in Mehrunnisa V Lub U, in which she is seen doing seductive dance moves in a short choli.

Check it out:

Those who look up to Aamna Ilyas as an inspiration, please don’t be disappointed! We assure you she has better things in store for us. 

However, we also believe that models need to put their foot down and tell these brands, photographers and directors what their boundaries are, & how ‘compromising’ shoots could wreak havoc in their careers.

Digital & print media who appreciate the ‘bold attitude’ and ‘hot bodies’ of these models, should know what they’re promoting to the younger generation who is confused and inspired by the media, at the same time. 

Win hearts through people’s minds and through your work, women. We are advocates of STRONG, INDEPENDENT women who work hard to get themselves somewhere.

A note to photographers and directors also: Please have higher standards, and think more of yourself. Resorting to these techniques for five minutes of fame isn’t going to make you the BEST in the field.