Aamir Khan is a perfectionist, and he just couldn’t possibly make it more evident than the video that has just been posted by his movie’s production company.

UTV Motion Pictures just shared a video on Facebook featuring a very fat blob of Aamir Khan, and a very six-pack-abbed (hotness at its peak) Aamir Khan, both the same age, both the same levels of determination, and we share his experience with you here!


When Aamir opted for the movie ‘Dangaal’, he was told by the director that he could have a fake, plastic belly attached to his body to make him seem older and fatter. He replied with a straight no, and said ‘he wouldn’t feel good doing that’.

Determination is the key to achieveing ANYTHING in life, and Aamir Khan the perfectionist didn’t stop at anything to eat as much as he could everyday.

After the fat, older him was shot in the movie, he had to now lose weight to become a sexier, younger version of himself.

Aamir worked out in the gym on a daily basis, sometimes losing hope and saying he cannot go on.

He was motivated after keeping consistent, no matter what happened. He took one day at a time, and after three months, he saw progress.

We are honestly in love with Aamir Khan and his determination, and we cannot wait for the movie to come out!