KHAR: Kangana Ranaut gave fans a little sneak peek inside her house when a leading Indian magazine published pictures of the comfy and hip sojourn that she calls home, which has been redesigned and revamped extremely stylishly.

You might (or might not!) grow tired of your residence after feasting your eyes on this new and hip number. The actress had her house brought to life by Queen director Vikas Bahl’s wife Richa Bahl.

I’m a mountain girl, and I wanted a bit of a mountain flavor, with a lot of greenery and color. My idea of a perfect house is a place that takes me closer to my roots, while I look into my future,” Kangana quoted.

Kangana added that she bought the house in 2013, in Khar, but demolished everything that was included, because she felt it lacked in originality and made her feel like there was no sense of belonging.