Yes, all of these actors tried their luck in Bollywood a few months (and some of them a few years) ago, but they couldn’t make it big!

Many of them, however, happen to be people who are looking forward to continuing to find workin Bollywood, despite their movies coming across as flops at the box office.

Sara Loren AKA Mona Lisa


Starting her Bollywood career with ‘Kajraare’ opposite Himesh Reshammiya, Mona Lisa decided to stay back in Bollywood and quit her career in Pakistani cinema. Even though she was unable to make it in movies and appeared to be a big flop, she chose to remain in India. Currently, she resides in Dubai, and has been seen in several photo shoots and B-class films of Bollywood.

Sasha Agha, Salma Agha’s Daughter


Sasha Agha tried her luck in Bollywood movie ‘Aurengzeb’, but to no avail. The fact that beauty isn’t everything when it comes to acting is true. Extremely gorgeous, Sasha failed big-time in leaving a mark with her acting skills.

Moamer Rana


Moamer Rana starred in Dobara with Mahima Chaudhary as a starter film in Bollywood and later moved on to new ventures, doing cameos and leads. However, he was unsuccessful in building his Bollywood career, and later took a break in Pakistani cinema also.

Humaima Malick


Malick acted in ‘Raja Natwarlal’ opposite Emran Hashmi. Although the film’s songs were loved by many, the film flopped at the box office and Humaima was unable to leave a mark on Bollywood audience with her acting skills.

Imran Abbas


Imran Abbas was offered a leading role in a big project with Bipasha Basu in the form of ‘Creature 3D’, a horror film which was ACTUALLY pretty scary. However, he failed to impress audiences with his weak acting skills, even though he had that ‘dreamy lover boy’ look.

Humayun Saeed


Humayun Saeed, though unknown by many, did a supporting role in film ‘Jashnn’, but was unable to make the audiences happy. Even though Saeed is doing amazing business in Pakistani cinema, he just didn’t have that ‘magic touch’ to impress Indian audiences.

Meera Jee


Meera Jee kick-started her Bollywood career opposite Amit Patel in Nazar, and the song was widely acclaimed, becoming an instant favourite. However, she literally SUCKED at acting, and there was nothing great about her movies later on too. Doing seductive roles to cater to Indian audiences didn’t work for her, and she later on moved back to Pakistani cinema, where she found her ultimate fame (as always).

Saadia Khan


Not alot of people know, but Saadia Khan acted as a leading actress in the controversial Indian movie ‘Dunno Y2’, featuring two gay men who fall in love with each other. Saadia Khan has not been seen in any role like the one she starred in for Bollywood, but she couldn’t do justice to it and the movie flopped at the box office too. Meera Jee also had a cameo in the film.

Mikaal Zulfiqaar


Mikaal Zulfiqar’s filmography in Bollywood was limited to ‘UR my jaan’ and ‘Baby’, and he wasn’t able to live up to the audiences’ expectations, even though he is one of the best actors in our entertainment industry.

Well, we hope our actors learnt a thing or two from their experiences: no matter where you are and what you do, always know that your industry/country is going to be the one to appreciate your talent the most! May our actors prosper everywhere in the world, but never forget their roots.