LAHORE – Meeting and hanging out with your favourite celebrities is everybody’s dream. And this guy is doing it!

Meet Ammar – he is a graduate from Beaconhouse National University and is currently working in a start up. Along with that, Ammar like to meet all his (and our) favourite celebs from all around the world!

Just chilling out with Kendall Jenner, and man those dreadlocks look good! We see Bob Marley right there.

Even these guys are his besties! Man, what company he keeps. just smoke some cigars and talk about East India Company.

Or funk up the beat with Ariana Grande.


Or go gaga with Lady Gaga, and chill out with the twerk queen Miley Cyrus.

He is also best friends with Selena Gomez! The two have a lot of fun playing around or just having deep heart to heart conversations. After all, the heart wants what it wants.

Celebrating holidays with Gigi Hadid!


Shah Rukh Khan who?

Know a celebrity you’d like to meet? Ask Ammar and he’ll have it for you!