Scout, a three-year-old girl, dresses up as inspirational women from around the globe, and with her cute little shenanigans hopes to spread the message of strength to people all over.

The toddler’s mother Ashley Larson, revealed in a letter that Scout’s tremendous and brave journey began when her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ashley wanted to teach her daughter about strength and how women are inherited fighters. She wrote, “Scout was learning first hand just how amazing and strong women can be. So we just kept shooting. We planned that at the end of it all, we’d make a picture book for both Scout and Nonnie. We made sure to pick a few of Nonnie’s favorites as well, like Ellen. And Scout has a list of her Disney heroes we’re shooting as well!

In her post, Larson added, “The inspiration behind the whole #scoutstolemystyle project, my mom (Scout’s Nonnie), is now cancer free. She has taught our entire family what strength really is!

“I define power by having the confidence to make your own decisions and not be swayed by other people,” Scout says as Adele.

Here is Scout all dressed up as world famous talkshow host, Ellen Degeneres.

And here is the famous Princess Leia!

Little Scout has more than 42,000 followers on her Instagram account, alongside the numerous adorable pictures posted of herself.