Life goals, or not?!

We’re not sure whether you love or hate Ludo, but this couple is definitely the coolest couple we have come across, hands down. Playing Ludo sitting at the stage of your OWN wedding, well, that’s not a chance many would take.

Pakistanis are obsessed with ‘Ludo’ and recently ‘Ludo Star’, which we already know. 

While everyone at the shaadi was busy nibbling on dinner (or devouring it, rather), this couple decided to play Ludo and kill each others ‘Goati’, that too even before their wedding journey started out! Uh-Oh, doesn’t seem like it’s going to go too well….


Jokes apart, these two are FLAWLESS, we are absolutely all ‘COUPLE GOALS AF’ for these two because ‘Haye, Itnay Cute Hain Yehhhh!’

The doolha, according to photographer Abdul Samad Zia, was busy asking his dulhan to not kill his ‘goati’, and engaged in a cute conversation with her! Dawhhhhh.

What exactly would you be caught doing at your own wedding? Share with us!