On the sidelines of the adrenaline gushing evening of a high-tension cricket match between Pakistan and India, we caught MS Dhoni having a light moment as he carried Sarfaraz Ahmed’s adorable little baby boy Abdullah in his arms!

Well.. what was this about?

Sarfaraz, Pakistan’s Cricket team captain, revealed that Abdullah is a great admirer of Dhoni and idolizes him like no other! The photograph of Dhoni and Sarfaraz’s son was shared on Twitter by an Indian journalist, which took us all by surprise and went viral on social media in no time!

While people from all walks of life have been bringing the Indian Cricket Team’s spirits down followed after their huge and embarrassing loss to Pakistan at the ICC Champions Trophy Final 2017 on the 18th of June, Sunday, this beautiful picture of Dhoni with Sarfaraz’s son reminds us that cricket as a sport transcends boundaries, and is certainly more than the petty feuds, comments, and arguments that negative people initiate and live for.