“Rafta Rafta who meri hasti ka samaan hogaye” is the perfect amalgamation of sophistication and romance with the rendition of Ghazal legend “Mehdi Hassan.” This mesmerizing tribute is timelessly classic, and Mehak’s  deep vocals of Mehak have the power to steal hearts and make you fall in love even today.

Mehak’s first song ‘Kameez Teri Kaali’ was a major hit nationwide, and her voice has the strength to stand out as the signature element in her successive works as well.  Her new ‘single’ is a true tribute to the legend and great talent that was the late ‘Ustad Mehdi Hassan’

Born in a musical family, Mehdi Hassan brought Ghazal singing to the worldwide audience. His music influenced generations of singers from diverse genres. “Rafta Rafta” is one of the most popular of the late Ustad Mehdi Hassan’s song.