KARACHI – A video travelogue showing the beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B), which is one of Pakistan’s finest tourist attractions, has created quite a buzz on social media lately.

Hammad Jawaid, an Iqra University (IU) student from Karachi and the video’s cinematographer, along with his team HJ films, has created a 2.38-minute long film capturing the picturesque landscapes of G-B during their tour to the valley in May this year.

The video, titled ‘Gilgit in Motion’, has received nearly 17,000 views and over 300 shares within five days of its release on Jawaid’s Facebook page.

Jawaid and his classmates, Omair Fayaz, the camera operator, and Asad Ali Khan, the video editor and the colorist, aspire to address the lack of creative filming in the nation.

“One of the reasons behind making this piece of art was to portray a positive [image] of Pakistan. People are scared of visiting our country, but reality is quite different from what people are shown [on media],” Jawaid told the Express Tribune.

“People believe Pakistan lacks creative talent. We see several videos on social media every day and think of ways to execute them ourselves, but we don’t,” he said, adding that they took the initiative and tried to deliver their best.

The students want to revive the tourism industry of Pakistan and believe that capturing Pakistan’s natural beauty in an appealing, alluring and creative manner is their strategy for achieving this.

They now aim to travel across Pakistan to promote tourism.