At the heart of Lahore’s Food Court Liberty lies the ‘Tree lounge’, with an off-the-cuff quality ambiance, and of course, quality food with a maximum of flavors from the freshest of ingredients makes it the perfect place to dine in.

We recently paid a visit to Tree lounge at a food tasting event, arranged by ‘MMFF, PR’ and, the first food item served to us was ‘Red wine Beef Chili’ served with rice. It was presented to us with the signature heated chili with layers of rich, spicy flavors. The onions and chills were sautéed in reduced chocolate and maple syrup. It certainly was the most delicious of all.

The second dish we tried was warm mushroom chicken and I am not a huge mushroom fan but the mushroom chicken became one of our favorites. I couldn’t believe how delicious this meal turned out as it was full of flavor and cream.

We also tasted creamy tarragon chicken, cooked with classic sauce and traditional herb, served with sautéed string beans and wild rice. It was certainly a treat to any one with a taste for chicken.

It’s a highly recommended restaurant to visit. Their decoration, ambiance, food and above all their staff is very responsive.