BANGALORE – Two Indian actors died yesterday after a helicopter stunt went wrong and they drowned in a reservoir in the southern state of Karnataka.

The two men, Anil Kumar and Raghav Uday, jumped into the water from a low-flying helicopter for the climax scene of their new action movie. But they failed to resurface and have been presumed dead.


Another actor, Duniya Vijay, who also jumped in made it out of the water alive, the India Today reported.


The crew were shooting above the Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, 35km west of Bangalore, Monday afternoon local time.

They were filming a new Kannada movie called Masthigudi, supposedly based on the life of actor Duniya Vijay.


A criminal investigation is now underway as police have reportedly brought a case against the makers of the movie.


The Kannada film industry is based in Bangalore and is one of the most popular cinemas in India, with actors speaking the Kannada language as opposed to Hindi, the language spoken in Bollywood films.