Urwa Hocane, being a good actress & model with a huge fan following, recently released a music video (we are sure she got pumped because of the wedding announcements & ofcourse, beau Farhan Saeed is always so supportive!)

The song, in all it’s glory, failed miserably on mainstream media.

Why? You can watch the official song here:

Seems like Urwa Hocane is trying TOO HARD to look a little cute & bubbly (and all pink, might we add). Is it due to the recent sensation that is Momina Mustehsan? We think she looks a little older than what she’s trying to portray herself as.

The music video called “Ao Lay Kar Chaloun” & was released by Farhan Saeed on his official YouTube account.

The music is directed by Adrian Emmanual and the video is helmed by Parmesh Adiwal.

We’ll leave it upto you guys to see if she did an amazing job (or the opposite).