It is not a surprise that the latest talk in town is the most happening wedding of December 2016: Urwa Hocane & Farhan Saeed!

A moment of silence for haters who thought Farhan wouldn’t marry Urwa, and ofcourse, this picture speaks louder than words (though we find it annoying)


Much has been said (good, bad & ugly) about the couple which has always created headlines: be it for Urwa’s bold outfits, or Farhan’s ‘trying too hard’ to launch his wifey-to-be into the music industry.



We would urge Farhan to give his girl a chance to perform on stage at one of her dholaks (we are sure there are many more to come till the big day!) so that she doesn’t have to stand in the audience with gloomy expressions (we actually have a Daily Pakistan LIVE video to prove our point).


Moving on, we are happy for the couple and wish them the best of luck!

Here are a few of the pictures from what the gorgeous Urwa Hoccane wore at her recent dholaks and her Nikah:

Picture Courtesy: Images (Dawn)
Picture Courtesy: Images (Dawn)