LAHORE (Staff Report) – The 31st death anniversary of renowned Punjabi poet and mystic Ustad Daman is being observed on December 3.

Ustad Daman’s real name was Chiragh Din and he was born in September‚ 1911 in Lahore. His father was a tailor and his mother a washerwoman.

In the beginning, Daman wrote poetry on traditional subjects like matters relating to heart but as the independence movement gained ground in pre-partition, India political themes also entered his poetry.

Ustad Daman, in fact, belonged to that group of traditional Punjabi poets who would read poetry extempore while their pupils would keep the record. That is why they were called Ustads (mentors).


There was a close friendship between Faiz and Daman and only a few days prior to former’s death both of them had attended a dinner together at Munnoo Bhai’s residence. At Faiz’s funeral, Ustad kept repeating that it was his turn now. He joined his friend in death only thirteen days later on December 3.