Veena Malik is the new and illustrious host and anchor for PAK Live, Bol Network’s new entertainment channel. The diva has always been celebrated in Pakistan for her exceptional mimicry skills and sense of humor when it comes to parodying Pakistani politicians and celebrities.

This short clip uploaded by Veena on her Facebook page is a must watch and will surely leave you in fits of laughter by the end.

We personally love the special attention to detail that Veena has given to her ‘Meera’ getup in the parody. Everything is just on point!

With Love to The Meera Gee….😅😆😅

Publicado por Veena Malik Khan em Domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

Doesn’t the actress win the show with these lines?

“OMG! Meray pait mai headache horahi hai! (OMG! I have a headache in my stomach!)”

We sure hope so!