Pakistan- There are great actors in Pakistani film and drama industry one of them is Naumaan Ijaz who needs no introduction. He is famous for his versatile roles in Pakistani dramas. His recent roles in Sang e Mar Mar and Dar is jati hai Sila is a proof of his outstanding acting.

He is known for being straightforward and speaking his mind. When asked about his thoughts and opinions on Pakistani industry he was very open about it. He replied “I’m happier as far as television is concerned” but he was skeptical about the ongoing Pakistani films as he believes

“If we start investing in films and our filmmakers now it will take around 15-20 years to make quality movies.”-Said the pioneer

He thinks that right now Pakistani films are just drama turned into films and most of the time we are just making good copies of Bollywood movies which itself are copied. This process of plagiarism needs to stop and originality is required.

Actor of Ramchand Pakistani think that Pakistani film genre is different than any other country including India as the only focused genre is comedy and that too “cheap comedy”. “Filmmakers lack sensible film cult” he added.

He even talked about how we are just making 5-10 films every year which isn’t an achievement as we have 105-115 screens. We need to decided if we want to make films for the 1% or the masses. When asked if he has watched any Pakistani film recently he replied

“I haven’t seen any recent Pakistani film that I can recall. Also, why would I spend Rs 800 to watch an actor I get enough of on my television screen, selling everything from cell phones to toilet cleaners and everything in between?”- Said Naumaan Ijaz 

Movies like Cake, Varna and Motorcylce Girl are changing the focus of Pakistani cinema but he is still not satisfied with the direction, production and the performance as we have a lot to offer but for that we need a lot of hardwork and originality.