Pakistani Vj, Madiha Imam has managed to get a lucky break in Bollywood. She will be debuting in an upcoming film ‘Dear Maya’, co-starring Manisha Koirala.

“The film is about friendship, love, family and life. It’s a film about everything” says Madiha in an interview.

She added, “My character Anna is a 16-year-old girl who lives in Shimla (India), She’s a sweet, innocent girl who has a best friend named Ira. Anna’s story is about her curiosity about this woman who lives in her neighborhood and hasn’t left her house in 20 years.”

Right now, she is promoting her film in Pakistan. and the producers are promoting it over there!

“I am really happy about having done this movie and excited for it to come out.” Vj Madiha.

Dear Maya #coming soon!!!???

Publicado por Vj Madiha Imam em Terça, 2 de maio de 2017

The film is produced by Bake My Cake films production, by Sandeep Leyzell and Shobhna Yadav and written and directed by Sunaina Bhatnagar. Music will be done by Piku and Pink composer Anupam Roy.

There is no confirmed date for the release of the film, but it is expected to come out in June!