LAHORE- Renowned actress and director, Sakina Samo has announced that her first feature film, titled waiting, is in the works.

With music by Darvesh and script by Bee Gul, the film is co-produced by Azeem Mughul alongside Sakina Samo who is making her big screen directorial debut with Waiting. The film features Samina Ahmed, Khalid Ahmed, Kaif Ghaznavi, Raza Ali Abid and Adnan Jaffar.

She took to Twitter to make the announcement and said that she always wanted to make films but was waiting for the right time. Samo calls the film ‘a labour of love supported by a bit of madness.’

Sakina also shared her excitement about film making on Instagram as she wrote, “I could write a book on how wonderful a ride the last six months have been. We all are waiting for something or the other – are we not?”

The actress also called her to film an indie movie which surely is meant for the world cinema and the poster surely gave the same feels.

The news was well-received by the entertainment industry. Mahira Khan and Mawra Hoccane sent love to the debutant film-maker via Twitter.

At the moment, the film is in post-production in Turkey and will start doing rounds at international film festivals soon; Let’s hope we get to see it in Pakistan sooner rather than later!