With Independence day less than 10 days away, ice cream brand Wall’s Pakistan has come up with an advertisement that warms the cockles of our hearts (yes, even while we’re eating their chilled dessert).

This is by far the cutest ad we have seen by Wall’s. With the cuddly stop-motion animation that tells the story of Pakistan in a way even a little baby will understand, the ad approaches patriotism in a wholesome way without having to resort to jingoism. The ad successfully evokes nationalism without having to resort to images of war and weapons and this is not only hard to do, it is very rare to see this done so effectively. It appears that Wall’s has managed to convey their message about something that usually involves darker themes in a way that one can reminisce and feel joyous about it at the same time.

Wall’s has always, as a brand, celebrated family values. This year, Wall’s is celebrating 14th August through the account of the making of Pakistan being told by a mother to her child. As she tells her son about the battles that it took to make Pakistan, the mother is not only passing her feelings of patriotism and appreciation for her country in her child, but also using this passionate connection to bond with him over Wall’s creamy delights. The video gives off the message of Azadi in an exceptionally fun and energizing way, offering thoughts to mothers on how they can make 14th August different this time around with their loved ones.

Eating ice cream has never looked more fun as Wall’s offers us ways to make desserts our own by using different ingredients revolving around their “Creamy Delights” and celebrate not only Independence, but proving that they’ve got our backs in any event/occasion that may arise and be worth celebrating.