So the list of this year’s Coke Studio round up has come out, as we all know well. However, there is this one person we are REALLY excited to look out for: Danyal Zafar.

Wondering why? Here’s why.

Firstly, because he is the brother of one of the most loved & respected musicians in Pakistan. Ali Zafar moved from television show-hosting to dramas (not to forget he was an absolutely amazing painter, and he still is) & finally got his big break in music.

Now that’s a success story that inspires many a musicians, but not everyone can show the hard work and consistency Ali Z has! We wish him luck for all his future endeavours.

Secondly, Danyal has been posting his REALLY HOT pictures for quite some time now, and we are in love with him!

He is a perfect example of WHY Pakistani men stand at number 3 proudly, because of their beauty & charm. 

Thirdly, we have heard him play at a couple of gigs and get togethers, and we can totally vouch for him: he’s not bad at all!

Danyal has been playing musical instruments ever since he was a kid, and has grown up into a talented, young man who sings & plays music. Isn’t that enough to get all the girls swooning?!

Fourthly, we are pretty sure he’s come to this day & platform on his own: his good looks, his acting skills, his music & his hard work have all gotten him the place he deserved! 

Those who think otherwise, well, you are entitled to your own opinion. However, when did coming from a family of artists ever stop anyone from achieving their goals?

If that were the case, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan would’ve never been successful.

Neither would have the Kapoor family children in Bollywood.

Let’s all learn to co-exist and give everyone a chance, and buck up our Pakistani youth! We need to put our voice out there, and be a nation full of positivity and love!

Good luck, Danyal! We are so excited to hear you sing.