Ali Josh is rocketing sky high having started his career in acting from a drama titled ‘Ali ki Ammi.’ Later, known as Aatir for all his fans in the highest rated drama on A Plus, by the name of ‘Kambakht Tanno’, his role as Kamaal Khan in the drama serial ‘Khan’ on Geo TV,  followed later by his phenomenal role in another upcoming serial ‘Aadhi Gawahi’ as well as much anticipated telefilm based on a true story ‘Ishq Main,’ Ali Josh is ONE truly talented and gifted artist who’s definitely in the industry to make it HUGE! Extremely competent, he has worked with big names like Samina Peerzada, Abid Ali, Nauman Ejaz and many others. This man is a SUPERSTAR, and he is unstoppable! The debonair is flying high with his acting abilities, persona and charisma! We’ve got all our eyes on him!

DP: Coming from a largely renowned and well-off business family with no roots in showbiz and acting, what sparked your interest in the field?

Ali: Pakistan is full of talent but that talent is not being publicized or coming out with quality and I just want to add value to it and be a part of those names who have made the Pakistani industry proud. I don’t want to do a boring 9-5 job in a corner which has no benefit to others except me.

DP:  You’ve lived your whole life in Lahore with your family and friends. Was your transition/shift from Lahore to Karachi all on your own difficult at all?

Ali: Initially, yes. But then, where you live for long and start exploring and get familiar with places it automatically feels like home. But of course, it’s difficult in a sense that I miss my family and myself at a lot at times.

DP: When exactly did you get your first call and how did it feel since being an artist has been your passion ever since? Were you nervous, confused or just simply up for it?

Ali: About a year ago. And, I was just up for it since I have been doing theater for a long time and always wanted to get into acting.

DP: Out of all your performances on screen, which drama serial played a major part in your life or essayed the essence of a major turning point for you?

Ali: I would say ‘Khan’ and ‘Kambakht Tanno’ since I’ve worked and learned a lot from the senior actors in these dramas. But otherwise, I would say life is always teaching new lessons to me and every drama I did taught me something new and added value in me.

DP: What differences do you see as part of your daily life now that you have achieved both success and fame? Share an incident with a fan with us that surprised you or caught you off guard?

Ali: Nothing as such. My daily life is pretty much the same normal routine which changes with my dates of the dramas, but I just recently was in Dubai and I liked how a family came up to me and called me “Aatir’ which is my name in Kambakht Tanno and took pictures with me. That made me feel ecstatic since it happened out of Pakistan. Also, when I was shooting in a village area for my new serial “Aadhi Gawahi’, a farmer came up to me with his kids to take photos with me and they knew that I was that actor on screen, which was certainly amusing.

DP: Who in your family and friends, if any, encouraged or motivated you or still do to keep you transcending in this successful journey of self- growth every single day?

Ali: Without any doubt, my mother, my family, friends, and my loved ones!

DP: Who happens to be your greatest inspiration in real and reel life?

Ali: Real – My father.

Reel- Hmm.. Superman! Since he helps people! Haha

DP: Best piece of advice and by whom?

Ali: ‘If you can fire a bullet you can also throw a bomb’ by Shaan Shahid (said to me in the Shapes gym parking lot)

DP: Would you like to leave with any parting message for your fans?

Ali: Help others and God will help you! (As I always believe in being humble and charitable).


Favourite perfume: Creed

Favourite food: Desi/ Meat

Last book you read: 40 rules of love

Favourite vacation spot: Los Angeles

Favourite designer: Armani Jeans (AJ)

Favourite drink: Banana Shake

3 most important people in your life: Mother, Father, Siblings

3 things you don’t leave home without: Wallet, Phone, Watch

3 things always on your mind: My God, My Family, My Career