According to a post online by Alltime movies, a video has just popped up making us believe that Jack, infact, was just a figment of Rose’s imagination, and not a real person.

Want to find out how? We’ll give you reasons.

Firstly, a new theory claims that Rose (from the official movie Titanic) seemed to be suffering from a psychotic episode, and made Jack up as a distraction from her problems. 

She also hated the man she was about to marry, and with everything going on around her, wanted to commit suicide.

Jack comes into her life and saves her, and he is the opposite of everything she hates.

Then he claims, ‘if you don’t free yourself, you’re going to die!’

Jack forces her to be alive, which is why we are KIND OF forced to believe that Jack represents her own inner strength as she is on the road to rediscovering her own confidence and belief in herself.

There is also no trace of Jack ever being on board, and the old Rose in the end adds: ‘he exists now, only in my memory’.

Are you convinced enough?