Matches made in heaven (pardon the intentional pun!)

1) To start off, they’re both insanely good looking women!

2) But what is strikingly common is the fact that they were famous Bollywood actresses when they married their husbands – and their husbands were both the Indian cricket team’s captains at the moment. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi became the captain at the age of 21, while Virat is the current captain.

3) Both couples have S.W.A.G written all over them!

4) “Vaada kero nahi choro ge tum mera saath, jahan tum ho, wahan mein bhi hun” – Anushka and Virat reminding us what true commitment is.

5) We can’t help but notice how graceful Ms Tagore still is and Anushka looks no different.

6) December 26th, 1969: The iconic Pataudi couple emerged (and later blessed us with Saif Ali Khan)
and on
December 11th, 2017: The hottest couple on the scene, Mr and Mrs Kohli.

History actually does repeat itself in more than one way after all!