How does the world keep up with everything happening all round the planet. Just one day ago, people in the United States were in uproar at the shocking incident of mass shooting in Orlando. But today Meg Ryan’s cosmetic surgery is the hot topic.


Right after Tony Awards were aired yesterday, Meg Ryan’s new face was discussed almost obsessively on Twitter by everyone who remembered what the The American Sweetheart actress once looked like.


Going through plastic surgery is always a big decision. Looking better is not the only reason people agree to get nipped and tucked. Some people like Meg Ryan are, in fact, immortalized by plastic surgery.


Meg might now regret what has happened to her face. But she should be thankful that the procedure has not permanently taken away her ability to smile.


Dear Meg! We understand that you look old now, but you will always be loved for your work.

Smile Meg, Smile!